MTS Ecological provides comprehensive environmental and natural resource services for land trusts, federal / state / municipal government agencies, environmental organizations, land planners, engineers, landscape architects, green-builders, and private landowners.

We specialize in Natural Resource Inventory and Assessment, Conservation and Land Use Planning, and Stewardship and Management throughout the Blue Ridge and surrounding regions

Since 1997, we have performed over 275 conservation projects to help clients identify and understand, conserve and responsibly utilize, and restore and steward the natural resources they oversee.

Our Services Include:

Botanical & Wildlife Inventories
Fish, Aquatics & Stream Health Surveys
Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
Conservation Easement Baseline Docs
Land Use Planning
Forest & Wetland Restoration
Forest Management Plans
401/404 Wetland & Stream Delineation
Low-Impact Homesite & Community Design
Trail Design and Construction
Exotic Species & Erosion Controls